Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday...a beautiful day!

It's Monday. I don't mind Mondays. It's gorgeous outside today...13 degrees Celsius! Spring is coming!!! And i made a sale this morning. That's number 4 in a month and a half. Yes! My favorite thing about sales is the packaging part. I love it. And i know when they're gonna open that package, they're gonna smile. I like surprising people with a little free gift. My "new" creation is recycled note cards and envelopes. The note cards, made from recycled paper, are hand stamped with an old eraser into which i carved the word "Hi". The envelopes i make from the pages of old books. They're so darn cute!!! And good for this wonderful earth.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was wondering why my dishtowels had so many views...681 to be precise! And 26 favorites! But no sales yet. Oh, well, i'll have to be patient. OH, HAPPY DAY :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog. I'll be blogging about my wonderful and new etsy shop I opened this shop because of an overload of inspiration which flowed over and...well i had to do something with it, so i started creating. I've been making things ever since i can remember. I love knitting (it calms me), making cards, sewing and photography.

I bought my Nikon D60 lasy July and fell in love with photography! But, i'm sad to say, i haven't taken any photos for a while now. Just a few of my etsy creations! Come spring, i'll be snapping away. I can't wait for spring and summer. My favorite seasons, ahhhhhhhh!

Anyways, back to my shop!!! It features my best creations and only the best. (i'm a perfectionist sometimes haha) I strive to be good at many things. I will work at them until i've got 'em right.
I make these awesome rocks with words on them! Anything you want to small stories, famous quotes, baby birth announcements...the possibilities are endless!

I made this (smiles) beautiful rock for my first customer on etsy! It features a small story on a flat sandstone rock. The whole rock is sealed with a waterbased sealer. You can stand it up against something, lie it down or put it in a stand.
I make all shapes and sizes. Each rock is different and unique.